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Styles: nude, natural or soft glam

Best for: film, commercial, bridal


Styles: full glam, special effects

Best for: stage, editorial, fashion


I know how nerve-racking getting ready can be.  You are perfectly beautiful as is, but there are some occasions where you want to put your best face forward -- when you look your best, you feel your best too.  Let me help you put on the war paint so you can prepare for your event with less stress!


A full face of traditional makeup application is the basis for all services. At least one application is needed before any other add-ons. Trials may be counted as such applications.

The makeup artist, Kara, applies makeup to the model in front of her. Kara wears glasses and a hospital mask. The photo is in black and white.

Face Makeup | $120

Whether the style is natural beauty, special event glam, artistic creations, or special effects, we can customize the makeup to your specific vision. Individual or strip faux lashes included.

Want to go au naturel? Get $5 off per face if you skip faux lashes!

Trial | $120

A collaborative session that lasts around 2 hours, we can experiment with different styles and products in order to craft the perfect look for your big event. We will start with a 15-minute consultation, then makeup will be done on only one half of the face first so you may scrutinize it before I complete the other half.
*Please note: a trial is required before booking bridal makeup services.

Travel | Varies

All services will be at any location of your choosing, and I will come to you free of charge for locations within 30 miles from me in Napa.
Travel fees may be incurred for any locations over 30 miles away:
0-30 miles — included with service
31-60 miles — $30
61-90 miles — $50
91+ miles — a $100 retainer, which will be applied to the remainder of reimbursements for the mode of travel. Please also arrange for meals and overnight lodging.

Touch-Up | $25/hr

Want someone to make sure your look stays perfect? I can stay with you as long as you need (up to 12 hours) so you can focus on feeling gorgeous without the stress of touching up yourself.
For day rates on set, please inquire for a quote.

Oh Sh!t Kit | $10

An all-inclusive touch-up kit to help youself look fresh until the end of the day, and you will be prepared in case of any beauty emergencies!
Kit includes:
- Custom lip colour w/ applicator
- Lash & brow grooming spoolie
- Double-sided blotting sheet w/ rice powder
- Hair tie & Bobbi pins
- Disposable toothbrush & breath freshener sheet
- Dissolving hand soap sheet
- Cotton buds & pads
- Makeup remover balm
- Moisturizing cream
- Artist's contact info

Simple, natural make up is Kara's forte. I was very happy with my look. Kara is professional, clean and very organized. Thank you Kara for doing my make up!

Claire S.  , bride

  • How much time do you allot for each service?
    Full Face: 60 minutes allotted per person, with 5 minutes in between each service. Timings can be adjusted/expedited for runway shows. Trials: 2 hours allotted per person — since this is a collaborative process that includes discussions and testing alternatives, I want to ensure there's enough time to answer all of your questions and to nitpick everything up close!
  • May I use my own makeup products and/or tools?
    While you may bring your own makeup for me to use, I cannot guarantee the quality of my work when using unfamiliar products and tools. I understand that you may have sensitivities or preferences, and I will try my best to accommodate them by using whatever you're most comfortable with. Please note, the price remains the same for the services rendered, in order to account for kit sanitation.
  • I don't wear very much makeup... can you make it more undetectable?
    Definitely, I love adding sneaky touches to make you look like you woke up like that! Just let me know if that's the style you're going for or you'd like lighter coverage (i.e. for masculine grooming, children, sensitive skins, etc.) Please note that the price for a "lighter coverage/no makeup" look is the same as the price for all other applications, in order to account for kit replenishment and sanitation.
  • Do you work with darker skin tones / ethnicity-specific features?
    Yes, of course! I am so saddened by anyone who feels the need to ask about inclusivity in the first place. As a woman of color myself (albeit on the paler side), I sympathize with other POC and stand against racism of all kinds. From the very beginning, I have always done faces of diverse ethnicities; I carry a wide range of shades and can customize them as well. I do come by lighter skin tones more often, so my portfolio may reflect that; nonetheless, I am committed to catering to your specific needs. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful!
  • Do you provide hair-styling services?
    No, I currently only offer make-up services, as I do not have the tools nor the experience for hair-styling. However, I frequently partner up with a stylist to whom I'd love to refer you, once you book me!
  • How do I book you?
    Please contact me for a quote for your specific needs. This quote varies depending on the number of faces as well as the distance traveled. You can also take a quick look at my pricing menu for more details. In order to confirm your booking and secure your date, I need a signed contract along with a $50 non-refundable retainer. The remaining balance is due by the beginning of the appointment. If any additional services are rendered without booking beforehand, the additional fee is due by the end of the appointment. I currently accept cash, check, wire/electronic transfers, and Venmo/PayPal. Sorry, no cards are accepted at this time.
  • What is your day rate for a commercial production?
    Please inquire for a quote for your specific production. My day rates for commercial projects (film/TV, theatre, photography/editorial, runway) are based on the number of faces, the complexity of the project, plus the hours spent on set from call-time to strike. Additional fees may be incurred for traveling.
  • Do you travel, and what is the rate for traveling?
    Yes! I go to all of my clients and travel up to 30 miles from the city of Napa at no additional cost. The cost for traveling beyond 31 miles away will vary. Please refer to the details in the pricing menu. For beyond 90 miles away, please also arrange for food and overnight lodging in addition to providing the mode of travel or its monetary equivalent. I do not currently have a studio so I do not have clients come to me at this time.
  • Do you volunteer your services for unpaid opportunities in exchange for exposure?
    Unfortunately no, I cannot provide services without monetary compensation, even if the opportunity would garner great exposure. The reason for this is that, even if I do not turn a profit, I must be able to replenish the products and supplies in my kit. Additionally, my prices are very reasonable compared to others in the industry, and lowering/waiving it would be disrespectful for all artists. If you would like to collaborate with me for reduced prices, please contact me and we can discuss what would work for us both.
  • Would you collaborate with other artists for portfolio projects?
    Yes, I would love to collaborate with you! Please contact me and we can discuss a fair trade — whether that be reduced prices or bartering services — to boost both of our portfolios.
  • I don't like what you did... could you please give me a refund?
    I understand that everyone has their own tastes and preferences, but I must be able to replenish my kit and therefore cannot give any refunds. This is why I offer trials, which I treat as its own booking. Trials are required for bridal makeup and highly encouraged for everyone. There is no obligation to book me again if the trial does not meet your expectations; no hard feelings.
  • I have to cancel my booking... could you please give me a refund on my retainer?
    You have 3 days from booking with me to cancel and be refunded, should you change your mind. I know life is unpredictable and plans change all the time, but I cannot refund your retainer after the 3 days have elapsed. Because I had already scheduled that booking, I'd have turned down other potential clients for that same time.
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